Monster Mash

Monsters of Disguise

Monster Game: Session 3

During the 5 weeks at the goblin war camp, Grumbel trains Bazk to be a Blood Hunter and Marcon makes some silvered claw additions and hide armor for Grumbel. Carpet decides to take a trip to Daggerford, a small town under the supervision of Lady Morwin. He sees her often training with the militia and wearing armor.

The party visits Awdyn again, who has enchanted Marcon's maul and adds that it's very old maul that he's never seen before. Carpet's magic string is bonded to the bond between the souls. Awdyn makes Marcon a giant tree hammer and enchants Grumbel's claws.

On the trek to the goblin village, Zud tells Grumbel about his childhood and they both get hopelessly lost. Carpet and Marcon go back to find Grumbel and Zud and get back to the village together. Grumbel gathers information about her prophecy in the village. To the west, the beast of the Moon Shae Isles. To the north, remains of a great wolf god that once ruled. To the south, a great beast that was defeated centuries ago, past the Fields of the Dead. To the east, a creature of powerful flame that was defeated by a hero of old and the battle took place in the Desert of Anauroch. His fire scoured the desert and so nothing grows there.

The party decides to head south to search the Fields of the Dead and cross into Boareskyr Bridge. This is where Cyric murdered Bhaal by stabbing him in the back. They encounter crocodiles as they travel along the Moor and kill them. Dragonspear Castle is a ruin that people occasionally use as shelter. In 12 days they arrive at Boareskyr Bridge. Marcon wears a large cloak with Carpet laying on his back to do the talking and Grumbel is a "pet." The bridge is wide and made of black granite with statues of Cyric and Bhaal facing each other. They talk to a merchant called Captain Hampton who has a task to kill wee men who live by the river and offers to pay 100 gold.

The wee men are halflings who have a ship called the Willy Goat. They claim to be cotton traders and the party decides to purchase some cotton. Grumbel notices that one of the cotton barrels is from a ship called Wave Treader. They kill the crew and collect their 100 gold from Hampton as well as some gold found on the ship. Hampton takes the party to a mystic in town who says the party has 9 souls attached to them that they might be able to contact. There's a famous alchemist that used to live nearby and one of his labs has been revealed, and the jimsonweed he needs should be there.


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