Monster Mash

A "Trip" to the Past

Monster Game: Session 4

The characters set off to find Jimsonweed, the herb needed for the mystic, at the edge of the Forest of Wyrms. They found a cave where people/animals had been mining, and inside was an old torture chamber. The alchemist they sought was dead, slouched upon a throne in an alchemy room. Carpet touched the corpse and it sprung to life! They fought him and he dissolved into dust, reappearing behind his magic wall guarding his treasure.

The alchemist's name is Otura and everyone agreed they overreacted when he stirred out of his slumber. Out of generosity, he gives the adventurers a book, necklace, armor, and a ring. The necklace is missing gemstones which might be found in abandoned alchemy labs or from famous wizards. Otura said they could have his cave and gave them a Sending stone to contact him on his travels around the world. He taught them a command word to create the forcefield around the treasure. The adventurers decide to build a treehouse for a future base of operations next to Waterdeep, though the cave will serve them well in the meantime. Carpet and Marcon set about hiding the cave entrance and making the place a bit homier.

They take the herbs back to the mystic and breathe them in, awakening at an annual Harvest Festival in an unknown time in the past. Grumbel is a half-orc lumberjack of 14 and Carpet is a middle-aged priest. They are hired to test side effects of magic missile wands and decide to test them in the Cobald Woods, but not before Grumbel scares the townsfolk with the wands. They venture into the woods and eventually die in battle. The characters have now accessed one of their past lives and can draw something significant from their lives, this case being Magic Missile abilities. The decide to continue their adventures following their prophecies and turn their attention south.


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