Monster Mash

The Sword is Mightier than the Pen

Monster Game: Session 7

Carpet forges a certificate for Grumbel as a bear wrestler, with Dusk acting as Grumbel's handler. Ara'mec acts as Marcon's mount, with Carpet disguising Marcon per the usual and riding on his shoulder as an odd cape. The party sets into Waterdeep, with Carpet making contact with the Goblin Zud and his base of his operations. In the search of elemental weapons, Zud suggests checking out the library. It's usually reserved to the upper class, but Carpet could forge his way in.

Agreeing to meet in front of the library later, Marcon and Ara'mec head to the docks to look for a boat. The cost is quite expensive, so Marcon makes a note of it for later. Dusk and Grumbel head to an armory to learn about forging magical weapons, but don't turn up any useful information other than weapons like that were made thousands of years ago. They all meet up at the library, and Carpet forges some papers for Dusk that name him as a very important noble. They get inside without incident. Dusk goes into a rant at the secretary for asking who he is and everyone enters the library.

Marcon finds an office with a knome sitting at a desk. He is the keeper of history at the Waterdeep Library. He knows of a collection of journals that might give clues to where the elemental weapons are. The journals are the events of the Heroes of the Apocalypse, written by the Baron Wasteland. The party gains meta-game knowledge about Princes of the Apocalypse. The old adventurers had the elemental weapons, but the journals don't say what happened to the weapons afterward. The party decides to search the library for the family trees of the old adventurers.

Major Mountaindew reformed the Feathergale Knights, located in Feathergale Spire. He still lives to this day. Carpet finds a record of the House of Wasteland, and the line seems to end with him except that there's no death certificate. Pip it seems to have gone back to the Underdark. The party decides to head to Feathergale Spire and talk to the Major. As this happens, Marcon gets stabbed in the gut with a poisoned knife. A cloaked figure runs off and Marcon chases them. The party traps the stabber in an alleyway. Marcon takes the cloak off to reveal another cloak. The cloaks are magical and start attacking.

The party defeats the cloaks. Ara'mec sees a sigil stitched into the cloaks, the elemental symbol for fire, only it's upside-down. Carpet remembers seeing the sigil in the library, the new sigil of the House of Wasteland. The party decides to visit Major Mountaindew next, to gather information on the elemental weapons and House Wasteland.


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