Monster Mash

The End
Monster Game: Session 8

The party makes their way to Scarlet Moon Hall. The place would look a lot creepier if it weren't such a nice day outside. They approach a throne made of rocks with a nobleman atop it. He is the Baron Wasteland. He gives them Windvane and tells them the weapon of elemental fire is in Imix's domain. The party makes their way to the Weeping Colossus to fight Imix. They defeat Imix then defeat the Elder Elemental Eye in physical form.

Gather Information
Monster Game: Session 8

The party arrives at Feathergale Spire and convince the guards to let them in to speak to Captain Mountaindew. The party tells him their story within a Zone of Truth and Mountaindew believes they're not lying, but doesn't believe the party came to the right conclusion. He does tells the party that Pip was investigating elemental trouble in the Underdark and no one has heard from her in a while. Grumbel shows Mountaindew Ironfang and becomes convinced that they're telling the truth. Mountaindew also says he hid his elemental weapon in a manticore lair with no manticores but with guardians. The party decides to retrieve the weapon then head to the Underdark.

Grumbel spies a camp with 6 orc skeletons that have been there a very long time. Everyone starts digging with Ben delving into the dirt to try and find the weapon. They find a gilded suit of plate armor and fight some air elementals before finding the weapon Drown the trident. The easiest way to get to the Underdark is through Scarlet Moon Hall, and Mountaindew says to say hello to the Baron while they're there. The party heads back to Waterdeep to begin construction on their tree fort before heading to Scarlet Moon Hall.

The Sword is Mightier than the Pen
Monster Game: Session 7

Carpet forges a certificate for Grumbel as a bear wrestler, with Dusk acting as Grumbel's handler. Ara'mec acts as Marcon's mount, with Carpet disguising Marcon per the usual and riding on his shoulder as an odd cape. The party sets into Waterdeep, with Carpet making contact with the Goblin Zud and his base of his operations. In the search of elemental weapons, Zud suggests checking out the library. It's usually reserved to the upper class, but Carpet could forge his way in.

Agreeing to meet in front of the library later, Marcon and Ara'mec head to the docks to look for a boat. The cost is quite expensive, so Marcon makes a note of it for later. Dusk and Grumbel head to an armory to learn about forging magical weapons, but don't turn up any useful information other than weapons like that were made thousands of years ago. They all meet up at the library, and Carpet forges some papers for Dusk that name him as a very important noble. They get inside without incident. Dusk goes into a rant at the secretary for asking who he is and everyone enters the library.

Marcon finds an office with a knome sitting at a desk. He is the keeper of history at the Waterdeep Library. He knows of a collection of journals that might give clues to where the elemental weapons are. The journals are the events of the Heroes of the Apocalypse, written by the Baron Wasteland. The party gains meta-game knowledge about Princes of the Apocalypse. The old adventurers had the elemental weapons, but the journals don't say what happened to the weapons afterward. The party decides to search the library for the family trees of the old adventurers.

Major Mountaindew reformed the Feathergale Knights, located in Feathergale Spire. He still lives to this day. Carpet finds a record of the House of Wasteland, and the line seems to end with him except that there's no death certificate. Pip it seems to have gone back to the Underdark. The party decides to head to Feathergale Spire and talk to the Major. As this happens, Marcon gets stabbed in the gut with a poisoned knife. A cloaked figure runs off and Marcon chases them. The party traps the stabber in an alleyway. Marcon takes the cloak off to reveal another cloak. The cloaks are magical and start attacking.

The party defeats the cloaks. Ara'mec sees a sigil stitched into the cloaks, the elemental symbol for fire, only it's upside-down. Carpet remembers seeing the sigil in the library, the new sigil of the House of Wasteland. The party decides to visit Major Mountaindew next, to gather information on the elemental weapons and House Wasteland.

In the Belly of the Beast
Monster Game: Session 7

The party pays for passage down the coast from the pirates and arrive outside Baldur's Gate. Grumbel has a dream on the voyage and sees an aged temple. Inside a great beast lies restrained. Grumbel knows she has to go to the Fields of the Dead to confront the beast. Carpet, Marcon, and Grumbel decide to head into Baldur's Gate to buy Potions of Climbing. Grumbel tries to intimidate the guards into letting them in, leading to Marcon slapping Grumbel, leading to Grumbel setting Marcon on fire. Carpet sneaks into town and takes in potions before they all flee.

Once the party reaches the Fields of the Dead, there's a burial ground with a large wooden door. Marcon and Carpet observe that the guards are tougher than average but not by much. A design on their shields is a crystal ball contain many forms of eyeballs. This is the sign of Savras, the god of divination and fate, LN aligned. The guards are part of a specific holy order dealing with dreams, the Knights of Naptime. Grumbel tells them her dream and they say there is a beast inside that's been restrained for a long time. The beast is protected from physical and magic properties.

The party enters the temple and see a beast with the body of a bear, the head of a wolf, the legs of a lion, and tusks of a boar. Dusk knows that there was a tale of beast that rampaged the land long ago and was sealed away. Dusk steps over the magic circle and releases the beast. Once the beast is defeated, it rises as a skeleton of a deer 20ft tall. The deer bows and Carpet discerns that everyone should bow back. Grumbel discovers that this is Malar, the god of the hunt. Malar explains that a cult became angry with him and sealed him in a body. He granted the party each a favor. Grumbel asks for her hunting abilities to be amplified and Malar brands her on the forehead with his symbol and names her a herald of Malar. Dusk gains influence and Marcon and Carpet will receive their favors later.

The party returns to Amaag's Ruin and returns Ironfang to the crystal. The cave starts closing in and the party escapes to realize they have exited from a large beast's nose. Amaag, the great hunter of old, has been resurrected. Flumph says Amaag is very grateful to be awakened and needs to expose and destroy the one who put him to sleep, the Elder Evil Elemental Eye. The Eye stole Amaag's power so it could destroy everything itself.

Jormungandr, avatar of water, is west of the Korinn Archipelago. Gwynbleidd, avatar of air, in the Spine of the World. Vulthuryol, avatar of fire, in the Plain of Standing Stones.

The party decides to head to Waterdeep to research where the elemental weapons would be hidden so that the rest of the beasts can be awakened.


Staying on Track
Monster Game: Session 6

The party falls through a mystic portal onto a tiny boat. Horace the shadow was hiding in Grumbel's backpack the entire time. Mistral is the captain who belongs to the Ironfang Clan, and were on their way to the base when the party appeared. The symbol found in the ruin is the symbol of the Ironfang clan for three generations. The symbol is found on an old war pick that Mistral's grandfather found. The war pick is Ironfang about 200 years old when elementals raged war, belonging to the Cult of Black Earth. Eventually the pick belonged to some noble heroes who saved the world. The grandfather was one of those heroes.

Grumbel asks Nyshkim about being a spiritual advisor and he looks into a god that Grumbel can worship about hunting. Grumbel meets Gigantor and learns he's a bear wrestler. Ara'mec doesn't quite grasp the idea of bicycles. They meet a Flumph who starts following them. The Flumph can translate other languages for the party. They talk to the blacksmith Bobby and find that he was supposed to be clan leader. Mistral is his brother and their dad chose him to be the leader. He won't openly oppose him but feels cheated. He also thinks about making some armor for Grumbel.

Grumbel and Ara'mec enter a race, and so does the Flumph. Grumbel checks back with Nyshkim and he tells her of Malar, the god of the hunt. Grumbel gives praying a try but doesn't succeed. The party deduces they need to get their hands on Ironfang but don't know what to do with it. Mistral says Ironfang was used by the leader of the Cult of Black Earth itself.

The race involves other things besides running, and the party decides to offer Ara'mec's services in exchange for Ironfang. Mistral is betting that Trolbart will win after having a few drinks. Ara'mec and Grumbel cast a few buff spells on themselves beforehand. The horse, Flumph, and Gigantor's bicycle don't make it through the race. Grumbel wins the race and gets Ironfang. Ara'mec has a ceremony to bring Flumph back to life. The party ended up much farther north and decide to head back to the crystal with the symbol on it.

Down to Earth
Monster Game: Session 5

A messenger delivers a letter to C. Arpet. The letter says there's another laboratory in the general area of the Fields of the Dead. They find the lab and see a similar summoning circle to the one they were summoned with. Ara'mec is summoned in the circle and decides to join the party to try and figure out what happened to him. Carpet finds a secret piece of paper that says "Harvester 3, snihsreddiw." He also finds notes that scientists have been grafting notes and there's a director. There's also a nearby place of interest called Ahmaag's Ruin that they haven't been to because they were getting the lab ready for the director.

The party finds some altars with crystals and runes on it. The altars start reacting and summon a monster. The monster is killed and Carpet notices some of the altars aren't set into their holes as well as some others. Ara'mec rams the altars and deduces the altars are screwed into place. One of the screws has a hidden compartment with stuff in it. There's a magic book called "How to Win Friends and Influence People." There's pink magical stone, an Ioun stone that increases your Constitution. There's also a Scroll of Banishment that Grumbel takes. Last thing is a Quall's Feather token, where it can be put on a boat for 24 hours and it won't move, then the token breaks.

Inside the lab are smaller circles that are receptacles for the crystals in the harvesters (altars). Marcon puts a crystal from the harvester into the cirlce but nothing happens. Marcon remembers the activation phrase from past experiences and takes psychic damage. The Director has likely come and gone since everyone is dead. The party decides to head of the Wood of Sharp Teeth where the ruin is. The wood is supposed to be haunted and has rocks resembling sharp teeth.

A rock a couple hundred feet tall marks the entrance to Ahmaag's Ruin. The party jumps down a shaft and following a downward-sloping tunnel for many hours, camping once. They come across a precipice and manage to climb and glide down. Another tunnel is seen and dived into. Grumbel hears a burrowing/crunching noise and notices the tunnel was chewed, not created. The party comes across a Carrion Crawler, only this one has horns, an exoskeleton, and eats rocks. The remains of an earth elemental are found with horns and bite marks.

The party finds a chamber behind a thin wall with angry elementals and a large red crystal. Grumbel detects magic to see chains of magical force wrapped around the crystal. In the center of the binding is a sigil. The earth symbol from Princes of the Apocalypse is written in magic on it. Ara'mec tries to dispell it and sucks the party to wherever the magic originated from.

A "Trip" to the Past
Monster Game: Session 4

The characters set off to find Jimsonweed, the herb needed for the mystic, at the edge of the Forest of Wyrms. They found a cave where people/animals had been mining, and inside was an old torture chamber. The alchemist they sought was dead, slouched upon a throne in an alchemy room. Carpet touched the corpse and it sprung to life! They fought him and he dissolved into dust, reappearing behind his magic wall guarding his treasure.

The alchemist's name is Otura and everyone agreed they overreacted when he stirred out of his slumber. Out of generosity, he gives the adventurers a book, necklace, armor, and a ring. The necklace is missing gemstones which might be found in abandoned alchemy labs or from famous wizards. Otura said they could have his cave and gave them a Sending stone to contact him on his travels around the world. He taught them a command word to create the forcefield around the treasure. The adventurers decide to build a treehouse for a future base of operations next to Waterdeep, though the cave will serve them well in the meantime. Carpet and Marcon set about hiding the cave entrance and making the place a bit homier.

They take the herbs back to the mystic and breathe them in, awakening at an annual Harvest Festival in an unknown time in the past. Grumbel is a half-orc lumberjack of 14 and Carpet is a middle-aged priest. They are hired to test side effects of magic missile wands and decide to test them in the Cobald Woods, but not before Grumbel scares the townsfolk with the wands. They venture into the woods and eventually die in battle. The characters have now accessed one of their past lives and can draw something significant from their lives, this case being Magic Missile abilities. The decide to continue their adventures following their prophecies and turn their attention south.

Monsters of Disguise
Monster Game: Session 3

During the 5 weeks at the goblin war camp, Grumbel trains Bazk to be a Blood Hunter and Marcon makes some silvered claw additions and hide armor for Grumbel. Carpet decides to take a trip to Daggerford, a small town under the supervision of Lady Morwin. He sees her often training with the militia and wearing armor.

The party visits Awdyn again, who has enchanted Marcon's maul and adds that it's very old maul that he's never seen before. Carpet's magic string is bonded to the bond between the souls. Awdyn makes Marcon a giant tree hammer and enchants Grumbel's claws.

On the trek to the goblin village, Zud tells Grumbel about his childhood and they both get hopelessly lost. Carpet and Marcon go back to find Grumbel and Zud and get back to the village together. Grumbel gathers information about her prophecy in the village. To the west, the beast of the Moon Shae Isles. To the north, remains of a great wolf god that once ruled. To the south, a great beast that was defeated centuries ago, past the Fields of the Dead. To the east, a creature of powerful flame that was defeated by a hero of old and the battle took place in the Desert of Anauroch. His fire scoured the desert and so nothing grows there.

The party decides to head south to search the Fields of the Dead and cross into Boareskyr Bridge. This is where Cyric murdered Bhaal by stabbing him in the back. They encounter crocodiles as they travel along the Moor and kill them. Dragonspear Castle is a ruin that people occasionally use as shelter. In 12 days they arrive at Boareskyr Bridge. Marcon wears a large cloak with Carpet laying on his back to do the talking and Grumbel is a "pet." The bridge is wide and made of black granite with statues of Cyric and Bhaal facing each other. They talk to a merchant called Captain Hampton who has a task to kill wee men who live by the river and offers to pay 100 gold.

The wee men are halflings who have a ship called the Willy Goat. They claim to be cotton traders and the party decides to purchase some cotton. Grumbel notices that one of the cotton barrels is from a ship called Wave Treader. They kill the crew and collect their 100 gold from Hampton as well as some gold found on the ship. Hampton takes the party to a mystic in town who says the party has 9 souls attached to them that they might be able to contact. There's a famous alchemist that used to live nearby and one of his labs has been revealed, and the jimsonweed he needs should be there.

The Call of Destiny

Xedur told your fortunes, and this is what she had to say:

Grumbel, awaken the four great hunters. Look North, East, South, and West; water, air, fire, earth. Awaken them and destiny will become clear

Marcon, to go forward you should look behind you. The Lurkwood holds answers

Carpet, the roots of influence are power and knowledge. To find these you must look within yourselves. Also don't discount the power of friendship. Friendship is magic.

Go and Fetch the Things, Thing Fetcher!
Monster Game: Session 2

On their way to the goblin war camp, the goblins explained they were out raiding caravans and were forced to flee to a cave where they were accidentally teleported to the underground laboratory. Goblins Zud and Nomekt escorted the party to the camp. Upon arriving, they are introduced to Kulbog, the hobgoblin leader, and Xedur. Xedur is a fortune teller, as is the custom of goblin to have one at all of their camps. The goblins explain their god and how the fortune teller is able to get her powers, and Grumbel decides that gods are a very nice thing to have and requires further investigation.

Peering over them, Xedur tells of a very old man that we are bound to and is their "father." The party is to meet him at the Hill of Lost Souls when they're ready to learn the reason for their creation. In order for them to learn more about their future, Xedur requires the party to help the war camp with several tasks before more readings can be held.

Task 1: Hunting. They're introduced to Bazk Dreadmaw, a warg who will be leading the hunt. Something is killing goblins in the forest and they need to figure out what it is. They find tracks next to some goblin bodies in the woods that Grumbel deduces is from something man-sized on two legs. They follow the tracks to a pack of werewolves which they kill. Bazk is impressed with Grumbel's Blood Curse abilities and asks if he can be trained in the art. The goblins were also able to fashion Grumbel a saddlebag and Marcon researched how to make Grumbel some custom armor.

Task 2: Trading: A caravan has a special mushroom called Silocide which Xedur needs for her reading.  Carpet snuck in and stole it without anyone noticing, while Marcon decided to take things into his own hands and negotiate on his own. While this was happening, Carpet regaled Grumbel with the long and grand history of bear wrestling. Marcon eventually returned with several potions after Grumbel successfully wrestled a wild bear.

Task 3: The Wizard. A wizard named Awdyn lives next to a pool that has divination properties that he's researching. None of them saw any reason to kick him out and decided to simply share the pool. Awyden has some enchanting skills and suggests coming back in 5 weeks when he'll be ready.

After these tasks, the party is given their fortunes and decided to stay in the war camp for a few more weeks and then venture to the goblin town not far away.


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